ProHawk Vision Suite™

The New ProHawk Vision Suite™ 3.1​

Instant Visual Clarity ® can now be yours in any location and is scalable to support small scale or city-wide installations. Available now and for the first time ever, ProHawk Vision Suite™ 3.1 is untethered and able to run in the cloud and on your generic hardware.

Freedom and Flexibility

We have spent the last five years tirelessly perfecting our algorithms not only to achieve industry-leading performance but also to break the chains of proprietary and expensive hardware, and free our customers of vendor lock-in.

Great Chips
Great Performance

So, while you can still achieve an industry best latency score of 20 μs running on dedicated Field Programmable Gate Arrays (FPGA’s) you can also perform real-time HD video enhancement by running ProHawk Vision in the cloud or on commercially available GPU’s and CPU’s.

The Path Best Travelled

Your decision to run on premise, in the cloud, on generic or specialized gear, depends on your application requirements. Not sure? We’re happy to guide you on the most efficient and cost effective way to deploy ProHawk in your specific environment.

Your Messy Environment, Managed

Battling rain and snow, smoke or dust? Not to worry. Our patented algorithms work in concert with each other to provide the industry’s highest level of noise mitigation. We remove silt from the sea, snow from your secure areas and bring faces out of the shadows. Whether your application is indoors or out we can manage bad lighting, glare, reflections and even heat waves. Is your video shaky or vibrating? Not a problem for ProHawk

We Work Well With Others

When you are monitoring hundreds and even thousands of video sources concurrently you need help from the industry’s best. ProHawk makes the world’s best video management systems even better by delivering the clearest video possible to both human operators and video analytics systems. We integrate seamlessly with Milestone, Geuterbruck, Genetec and Johnson Controls.

See how we can help your existing surveillance systems see better

Product Information

ProHawk owns 5 issued patents including inventions covering the following:

Histogram Color Space Brightness Contrast Optimization

    • Adjusts every pixel in low contrast images with extreme dark and bright differences to expose fine details
    • Automated imagery brightness including movement

Sensitization & Noise Reduction

  • Algorithm that detects rapid motion for every pixel simultaneously to eliminate unwanted objects obscuring visibility
  • Noise reduction is the process of removing random or white noise with an even frequency distribution, or frequency dependent noise introduced by a device’s mechanism or signal processing algorithms from a signal

Contextual Color Enhancement

    • Independent 1-pass parallel processing of brightness & color, fast performance enables real-time enhancement
    • Identifies color in over and under exposed areas to deliver improved color representations natural to the human eye

Low Contrast - Light & Dark Imagery

      • Parallel processing imagery handling of extreme bright or dark low contrast or both
      • Superior real-time enhancement for fog conditions

Tone Map Correction Contrast Improvement

      • Construct limited adaptive histogram equalization eliminates grainy gradient noise
      • Eliminates excessive contrast controlling brightness of the entire screen

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