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Use ProHawk.Cloud to remove the rain, fog, mist and, yes, even clouds from your video footage. We can rapidly enhance and return your compromised video in less time than it takes for you to watch it.

3 Easy Ways to Clear Things Up


For as little as $0.01 per megabyte, we will transform and enhance your video and make it available for sharing and download in less time than it takes the video to play. 

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If enhancing video is part of your day-to-day operations, why not tap into the ProHawk RESTful API to send and retrieve enhanced videos programmatically?

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If you wish to have ProHawk process a video stream in real-time you can do so using our Real-Time-Streaming-Protocol (RTSP) interface. Video we receive can be processed in near real-time with less than 100 milliseconds of latency 

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Video Enhancement as a Service

ProHawk.Cloud delivers all of the rich video enhancement capabilities of the entire ProHawk Vision Suite™ without the need to invest in, manage or maintain high performance hardware.

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Before you decide to purchase ProHawk Vision Suite™ to run in your data center, why not see how ProHawk works with your video with zero risk or cost? If this appeals to you describe your application and we will set you up with an evaluation account.

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Product Information

ProHawk owns 5 issued patents including inventions covering the following:

Histogram Color Space Brightness Contrast Optimization

    • Adjusts every pixel in low contrast images with extreme dark and bright differences to expose fine details
    • Automated imagery brightness including movement

Sensitization & Noise Reduction

  • Algorithm that detects rapid motion for every pixel simultaneously to eliminate unwanted objects obscuring visibility
  • Noise reduction is the process of removing random or white noise with an even frequency distribution, or frequency dependent noise introduced by a device’s mechanism or signal processing algorithms from a signal

Contextual Color Enhancement

    • Independent 1-pass parallel processing of brightness & color, fast performance enables real-time enhancement
    • Identifies color in over and under exposed areas to deliver improved color representations natural to the human eye

Low Contrast - Light & Dark Imagery

      • Parallel processing imagery handling of extreme bright or dark low contrast or both
      • Superior real-time enhancement for fog conditions

Tone Map Correction Contrast Improvement

      • Construct limited adaptive histogram equalization eliminates grainy gradient noise
      • Eliminates excessive contrast controlling brightness of the entire screen

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